Articles of Incorporation

as a

Non-Profit Corporation

for the

Mayan Esteem Project


The name of the corporation shall be the Mayan Esteem Project which shall exist into perpetuity as a non-profit corporation.

The lawful purpose and mission of the Mayan Esteem Project will be the recovery of stolen artifacts and restoration of a pyramid site at Chilon, Chiapas, Mexico, working under all appropriate and necessary permits, licenses, laws and regulations of the State of Texas, the United States of America and the United States of Mexico. These artifacts, and indeed part of the edifice itself, are suspected to have been sold, in part or as a whole lot, in the United States of America and perhaps robbed by US citizens. The Mayan Esteem Project will entail efforts of reclamation, restoration, excavation and the building of a depository to safely keep the artifacts and promote appreciation of the ancient Mayan ruins in their original context. As a cultural project the Mayan Esteem Project may also involve itself in activities related to sites of cultural interest adjacent to the desecrated pyramid site such as educational outreach and other archaeological sites.

The registered office of the Mayan Esteem Project is at 12116-B, West 22nd Street, Austin, Texas 78705 and the registered agent there is Eric Samson.

The corporation shall have no members.

The management of the affairs of the corporation will be vested in a board of directors consisting of: Carol Hayman. 1001 Eason Street, Austin, Texas 78703; Scott Henson, 816 Congress Avenue, Suite 1100, Austin, Texas 78701; Francisco McFarland, 1401-B Waterloo Trail, Austin, Texas 78704; Henry A. Selby, 2000 Sharon Lane, Austin, Texas 78703 and an ex-officio nonvoting board member that will also serve as project manager/director: Eric Samson, 1216-B West 22nd Street, Austin, Texas 78705.

The incorporator shall be Eric Samson, 1216-B West 22nd Street, Austin, Texas 78705.





Eric Samson, incorporator



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