Archival Photographs

Na Choj, Na Tentzun, Muktenah Complex - approximately 3 km east of downtown Chilon.

Preliminary excavations by Wolfgang Cordan in 1958, Chilon, Chiapas. These excavations were previously reported to have been done in cooperation with Franz Blom. However, though it is known that Franz and Gerturde Blom visited and photographed the site, expert Susan Ekholm, from the Na Balom Center in San Cristobal, Chiapas, explains that such an excavation was probably not a project in which Franz Blom would participate.

Photo credit: Franz Blom   Photo credit: Franz Blom
The following photographs are part of the 1958 rudimentary excavation by Wolfgang Cordan and witnessed by Gertrude Duby Blom and Franz Blom.



photo credits: Gertrude Duby

photo credits: Gertrude Duby    

Bolon Kin

These photos represent works that are from Bolon Kin, a site about 3km to the west of downtown Chilon.

This terra cotta mask is approximately 18"x10" (45cmX25cm) and is from a private collection, but reported to have come from Bolon Kin.  
The wall paintings below were photographed by French geologist Robert Tambau and archaeologist Chloe Andreau during an inspection of the Bolon Kin site in 2003 when the team, sent by the Mayan Esteem Project, found looter holes and had the opportunity to photograh some very interesting murals.
The following photo is of a stone monument from Bolon Kin approximately 30"x40" (75cmX100cm). A private collector claims the provenience of Bolon Kin.



The following photos are by Augusto Sellschopp of the Museo de Yash-Lum in Yajalon, Chiapas. He reports that these stucco pieces are from Na Tenzun in Chilon and that he took the photos sometime in 1955.


The following photos are various artifacts from a Chilon private collection

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